Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Change over to TATA Power and save every month

Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) has passed an interim order on 15th October 2009, permitting users of Reliance Energy to switch over to TATA Power. This has come as a boon to millions of consumers who have been complaining of high tariff charged by Reliance Energy.

To avail of this facility, a consumer has to fill in a form and submit it to TATA Power along with photocopies of address proof, latest paid bill of Reliance Energy and cheque of deposit amount + Rs 50 connection charges. The application form can be downloaded from TATA Power website . Though the form appears very complicated, you need not fill in all the details related to connected load if your Reliance Energy mentions the same. The TATA Power website also has details about how to calculate the deposit (Rs 200 x Connected load in KWh) e.g., if your connected KWh load is 17, then the deposit amount would be Rs 3,400 and the cheque amount payable to TATA Power would be RS 3,450. You can also pay ad hoc deposit of approximate one month’s electricity bill.

You have the option to retain your existing meter or switching over to TATA Power meter. The meter would be provided free of cost.

Please note that TATA Power has not appointed any agents for switchover, For consumers staying in Co-op Housing Societies, individual members can switchover independently and no NOC or permission is required from the Society. In case you require any further information, you can visit the TATA Power website or can contact me.

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