Monday, December 7, 2009

Talk Time Galore

The ongoing tariff war between Mobile Service providers has thrown up a slew of Plans, Packs and Options, often leaving the users confused and clueless about the various offerings. But this very plethora of choices can be used by savvy users to bring down their telecom expenses, in some cases drastically.

In order to take advantage of the ever-dropping rates, we need to pro-actively analyse our usage pattern vis-a-vis the various options available from our respective providers and switch over accordingly. Most of the service providers' help desk executives will share the various options and in some cases, details are available on the providers' website. Sites like Your Bill Buddy can also help in identifying suitable plans, options and add-on packs. However, most of us are just plain lazy to take the trouble to change our tariff plan as per the latest offering.

So get going and take advantage of the rate-war and reduce your mobile bill.

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