Thursday, April 7, 2011

Viral Effect of Social Media

Recently I have been observing the good side of Social Media .. be it the Chaka Jam movement started in Mumbai or Its Your Turn Crusade of Bhavin Turakia or the recent campaign against cnorruption in support of Anna Hazare's fast. The last is a classic example of how traditional ways can leverage their reach and effectiveness by harnessing the power of the social media.

Support for Anna Hazare has spread like wildfire, aided by facebook posts, tweets and broadcast messages on BlackBerry Messenger. Public opinion is been built on the fly, with one RT (retweeted ) message even dishing out the President's number and asking people to call up and register their support for the Lok Pal bill !

National issues apart, localised websites are also leveraging social media sites to spread news far, wide and FAST. A prime example is the web site which uses facebook status updates and twitter to diseminatej local news and comments / enquires / requests from residents of  Powai area. Manoj Nayak, the creator of the site is doing an excellent job and his site is a role model for other areas to emulate.

Sucn examples highlight the empowerment of the Aam Admi through the usage of Internet. More power to the Net !

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