Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Networked David V/s the Standalone Goliath

The Dhaval Valia v/s Vodafone episode has a lot to teach us about the power of Social Media. Off course most of the credit has to go to Dhaval for the level-headed way he fought the war. He also maintained a record of all his correspondence with Vodafone.

There is learning in this for Vodafone also - it is not sufficient to monitor tweets and follow tweeps mentioning them ( I had also tweeted about them and was followed instantly). The people entrusted with this task have to be sensible enough to handle the issues raised. And for a service oriented company in a highly competitive market, it was sheer stupidity to sue a vocal consumer, more so when his claims of poor infrastructure can easily be verified.

This incident also proved that the virtual and real world are enmeshed - the story was picked up by Mumbai Mirror and NDTV. Let's hope other corporates monitoring social media use media for positive interaction with customers and use the feedback and comments to improve their products and services.

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