Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Certification for Security solution providers

The police probing into the Rs 15.22 lakh burglary at the Union Bank of India’s Dadar branch on Friday have been unable to get a clear photograph of the culprit despite going through the CCTV footage. The CCTV cameras did not have night vision. The staff learnt about the burglary after they came to work around 7.30 am on Saturday. The door and the strong room were found open. From the footage, the police have learnt that the burglary took place between 8 pm and 9 pm on Friday.

Was the Bank being pennywise and pound foolish by not using night vision cameras? Were the Bank officials unaware of features like e-mail alert and alarm based on motion detect? Was the vendor not competent enough to recommend a better surveillance solution which would have cost just a few thousand Rupees more?

While novice players are the bane of every industry, such untrained system integrators in the Security business are harmful not only for the clients but for Society at large. There has to be some sort of certification for solution providers and only qualified vendors must be permitted to operate. Will the various associations like FSAI,  ESAI etc. take a note of this lacunae?


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