Sunday, December 4, 2011

What are our priorities?

 Past couple of weeks I have come across a very disturbing observation - organizations are spending more on irrelevant and sometimes unnecessary renovations running into lakhs, but are reluctant to spend a few thousand Rupees on Security issues.

In the first instance, a trust running a hostel for men has deferred their plans for CCTV system as they have spend over 20 Lakhs on renovating the bathrooms. Cost of CCTV system - 2 lakhs - just 10% of the amount spend on bathrooms.

In the second incident, a huge residential complex which is again spending lakhs on beautification has approved a meager 3 lakhs for CCTV vis-a-vis lowest quotation of 3.5 lakhs. This has effectively killed the project as no vendor wants to work at that price and once the beautification is done, they would not want to re dig the road.

In spite of heightened awareness about the importance of CCTV system and the constant pressure from Police to install CCTV systems., there is a reluctance to spend money. This mind set has to change. In one Society, they are saving about Rs 40,000 per month by using Biometric access control on basement doors and removing a total of 8 guards. Cost of setup - Rs 60,000. So the investment has paid for itself within 2 months! with an additional bonus of enhanced bonus.

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