Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Have you faced this problem?

Last week I recruited 3 "technicians" for my CCTV installation business. During the interview and selection process, all 3 of them gave very glowing accounts of their "achievements". I was elated that my dream team was taking shape. Given the acute shortage of trained manpower, I did not waste time in recruiting them.

Soon I realised that most of the advanced skills professed by them were tall claims. The statement "I have setup DVRs" actually meant he had observed closely (and many times) how a DVR is setup. It is different matter that when asked to do so, he failed miserably.

Coming back to the question in the title - has this happened to me only? Or have others also faced a similar predictment?  I have heard many friends share similiar stories of not getting trained manpower or people with inadequate skills. Most of the time we enterpreneurs end up training the recuits- if for nothing else then to maintain our reputation as quality service providers. This in itself is not so bad. But the sad part is that just as we get someone to do things right, he decides since he has upgrade his skill sets , he deserves a better organization and a bigger pay cheque - never mind that  these very skills very taught by us.

How I wish I could get some really well trained people who could be sent out to clients from day 1 ! 


  1. Very often their "resumes" are written by others and they have been coached to say several things to "get the job". I guess in entrepreneurial ventures, due to the very nature of our outfits, it is tough to get people who you can send out from day 1. And also as someone said "today we have lots of qualified, unemployable people". Sad, but true. Somewhere something has gone wrong

  2. As an HR & recruitment consultant with SMEs, I face this very often. I usually take it for granted that each claim made is very high. Hence the interview skills of the person taking the the interview are important. However mistakes still happen. Hence as an SME one should have the required HR processes in place to keep the new employees loyal to the company for atleast 2 years. Whether you are an SME or a big corporate, you will always have to train the new employees, even if they are well qualified.The core is how to use this training for the benefit of the meeting the company goals.

  3. I think we are all sailing in the same boat sir!!!
    The CV's presented by the candidates and their actual skill set does not neccessarily match....