Saturday, March 10, 2012

Technoloy as an enabler of Better Human Interaction

Most of us blame technology for our decrease in interaction with other people. We claim that Social Media has made phone calls passe. I am a user of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, WAYN and what have you. However, I am uncomfortable in wishing someone by writing on their wall or through status updates. I prefer to personally call up friends and relatives on special occasions. But I have seen people post very personal communication on open forums, probably forgetting that many others would also have access to the message.  In fact I use social media and its features to enhance my interaction and relationship with people.

Let me illustrate this with an example. I have configured my Facebook account such that it reminds me at the beginning of very week about all the special events in my friends' lives in the coming week. This makes it very easy for me to call them up. Many a times my friends are not expecting any wishes from me and are pleasantly surprised to receive my call. You can even set up facebook to automatically post a standard greeting message on your behalf, but I personally feel that is too mechanical and impersonal.

You can use Outlook calendar to setup reminders about event. In fact, a good use of calendar is to set up recurring events - once a year, every year on fixed date. I get reminders every year about friends birthdays and anniversaries - sometimes about friend with whom I have lost touch. When I can them up and wish them, thanks to the reminders, they are surprised that I still remember their birthdays and anniversaries.

Instead of blaming technology for loss of personal touch, we can use it to help us improve our relationships. .

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